Experiencing education

Inside the classroom

and Outside the classroom

to Challenge limitations

and Prepare for the future.

Engage. Encourage. Grow.

YBEC is an experiential education school for Elementary and Secondary age special education students. We are committed to providing a nourishing, unique learning environment to promote academic, social, and personal growth through lessons learned inside and outside the classroom. Our commitment to a low student to staff ratio (1:4 students per elementary classroom, 1:6 students per secondary school classroom) allows our dedicated, certified and empathetic educators, counselors, and adventure professionals to foster a sense of belonging and a tailored learning experience with each student that participates in our programs.

We believe the power of  engagement and encouragement fosters growth.

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Our program components are designed to utilize a holistic approach to learning and to engage even our most reluctant learners. The use of these components strives to help students discover their connectedness and responsibility to their communities and to the natural world.


Our program uses an effective highly regarded alternative to traditional methods of instruction. This approach is well-suited to meet the individual educational needs of students, especially within the context of a comprehensive Individual Educational Plan (IEP).


Experiential education is at the heart of Yellow Breeches programming. Our engaging themes, hands-on learning in the classroom, and interactive experiences outside of the classroom draw in reluctant learners.


YBEC utilizes an adventure program in conjunction with the experiential activities. The greatest benefit of the adventure-based program is the reframing or rethinking students may experience.

Transition Skills

We strive to give our students the tools and resources to be successful and produce members in their communities. One of the ways we can achieve this goal is through a collaborative cross curricular approach to transition skills training.

By the numbers


1:6 Secondary / 1:4 Elementary in
classroom staff to student ratios.


counties serviced in PA including
Adams, Berks, Cumberland, etc.


of students have walked through our
doors serving 200 students/year.


of students have participated
in our TRAILS program.


school districts served
across Pennsylvania.


Providing quality education from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Our classrooms extend far beyond the walls of traditional settings to promote academic, social, and personal growth through experience.
Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

- Benjamin Franklin

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