1. Who can attend YBEC?

YBEC offers services for both male and female students in grades 6th-12th grade. The students who attend YBEC are students who have an I.E.P. and are in need of the specific services that are provided by our unique program.

2. How can I get my son/daughter enrolled in YBEC?

All of our students are referred to us by their public school LEA (Local Educational Agency) representative. In most cases, the LEA is the Special Education Director for the school district. If a your son or daughter is not being successful in their current public school setting your I.E.P. will suggest several types of services to be implemented. If those services match the type of support that we offer your LEA representative may offer YBEC as a educational placement option.

3. Which counties does YBEC currently service?

Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry, Schuylkill, and York.

4. As a parent or guardian, will I be responsible for any additional fees associated with the activities that my student will participate in?

No, there is no additional cost for any of the activities that our students participate in at YBEC. All transportation and related fees are covered as part of the the tuition for the student to attend.

5. As a school district, will I be billed for additional trips, extracurricular activities, or additional transportation expenses?

No, the tuition and transportation bill is an all inclusive bill that covers every expense associated with the “slot” that your school district purchases in our program. There are no additional fees.

6. Can my son/daughter participate in activities at their public school?

Yes, your student may participate in all activities and sport offered by your public school. Even though your son/daughter attends school at YBEC, they are still students of their home school and have the right to participate. This excludes students who have been expelled or are not meeting district requirements for attendance, behavior, or academics performance to be eligible.

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